The 13th GERLI Lipidomics DIJON 2017

The issue of this 13th edition will be addressed both
in plant and mammals through joint sessions.
During 2 days, this congress will focus on fatty acids -
a topic not been discussed at GERLI meeting since 2008 -
and will give an update on the latest advances in cellular
detection/signaling, transport, storage, metabolism and related pathophysiological risks (obesity, cancer…). A final session will be
interested in fatty acids related  mediators involved in inflammation regulation. 

The third day will be dedicated - for the first time at GERLI - to lipopolysaccharides (LPS)LPS or endotoxins are also “lipids” which
are pro-inflammatory components of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. LPS are amphipathic molecules composed of a polysaccharide part and lipid A, considered as the active moiety. Thus, LPS exhibit properties similar to lipids, particularly their transport via lipoproteins.  In the host, LPS can trigger a systemic inflammatory response. This session should concern both scientists and clinicians.

In addition, an open session entitled " emerging topics/open session " will be devoted (see program) to recent and emerging data related to other domains of lipids and lipidomics. 

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