Annonce post-doc dans le domaine de l'angiogénèse

Postdoctoral position in Paris (France) 

Université Paris Descartes – Faculté de Pharmacie

Design, synthesis and immobilization of molecules for controlled capture of desired proteins


Keywords: protein-protein interactions, bead functionalization, peptide synthesis, spectroscopic methods, biochemistry assay


A postdoctoral position is available in the UMR8638 of Paris Descartes University in the group “peptides and angiogenesis” ( In the course of a collaborative ANR project aiming to develop new therapeutic strategy against preeclampsia, the candidate will be in charge on the elaboration and evaluation of functionalized magnetic beads with synthetic peptides, natural products or semi-synthetic products to capture a specific protein. He/She will optimized the protein capture either by chemically modified the ligands (peptid synthesis, hemisynthesis of natural products) or by playing with the capture conditions (concentration, linker flexibility, choice of magnetic beads…). He/She will also be involved in the development of spectroscopic and biochemical assays to monitor and quantify the protein capture from a simple to a complex media (human fluid).

The successful candidate should hold a PhD in chemistry or chemical-biology and must have a high-quality expertise in standard spectroscopic and/or biochemical assays. Due to the highly pluridisciplinary project, skills in biochemistry and biophysics will be particularly appreciated as well as knowledge in manipulation of biological samples.

A contract of one year and financed by the French research agency is available starting March 1st 2016. Motivated candidate should contact Dr. Nathalie EILSTEIN ( and provide a CV, a list of publications and reference letters before January 31th.