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The french-speaking physiological society was founded in 1926 in Paris, issued from the Association des Biologistes born in 1848. The society was founded in order to gather all french speaking physiologists and to establish relationships between them. The goals of our society are :

  • To promote the study and debates in all fields of physiological sciences, including integrative biology, evolutionnary and ecophysiology
  • To contribute to the progress and diffusion of knowledge,
  • To favor the analysis and determination of the interactive processes and complex regulation from molecular levels up to highest levels of integration, including those implicated in fonctionnal significance and within the field of physiology,

The society includes physiologists from national and international countries (Belgium, Canada, North Africa, Tchek republic and Switzerland). Annual meetings take place yearly in each of the countries and are announced on this site.

The society encourages relationships and partnerships with others societies around the world and informations exchanges are welcomed. Annoucements for job/position opportunities are also welcomed.


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